In June 2014, Yamana Gold Inc. and Agnico Eagle Mines Limited acquired all issued and outstanding common shares of Osisko. Partners Agnico Eagle and Yamana Gold created the "Canadian Malartic Partnership" and established a Transition Committee with Osisko to support the transition process.

Partnership's Vision

Our goal is to ensure the continuity of operations with the least amount of disruption and to minimize any impacts to employees and the community. Our vision is to ensure a successful and prosperous future for everyone while maintaining a safe work environment.

The Canadian Malartic mine is one of Canada's largest gold mines; it will produce on average approximately 600,000 ounces of gold a year for the next 14 years. The Canadian Malartic mine and the Osisko Management Team have done an excellent job building a successful mine while effectively managing their costs as they went through the difficult start-up phase. We believe that our partners' open-pit mining experience and expertise can contribute to the continued success of Canadian Malartic. Strong support and commitment from the employees and the community was instrumental in the success achieved by Canadian Malartic. The Canadian Malartic Partnership looks forward to building upon this success with the employees of the Canadian Malartic mine, our neighbours and the community.

Statement of Principles

Our priority is to ensure the safety of our employees, while respecting the environment and adopting world-class best practices. We will continue to work with the communities in which we operate, contribute to their social development, and engage in transparent and respectful dialogue. We will ensure the professional development of the Partnership's team by building upon Osisko's foundations for success. We will create business opportunities, not only within the Partnership but also as part of activities carried out by Agnico Eagle and Yamana in Canada and abroad. The Partnership will enhance and create value for all stakeholders by optimizing the Canadian Malartic mine.

Ensure the safety of our employees
Respect the environment
Contribute to the community
Develop our personnel
Realize the growth potential
Enhance the value of the partnership

About the New Brand and Logo

Composed of uppercase letters, the new logo evokes strength and a sense of unity. The grey is not only a nod to the raw ore processed by the company, but also adds a touch of elegance to the logo. The line between "Canadian" and "Malartic" symbolizes the gold deposit and the Cadillac Fault. Slightly angled, it conveys positive momentum, a symbol of progressive growth, for both the company and the host community.

Yamana Gold Inc.
Agnico Eagle Mines Limited