Health and Safety Collaboration

One of our value is to ensure the health and safety of our employees. To support that we have instituted Joint Health and Safety Committee at the Canadian Malartic mine.

This joint committee is an integral part of our operation health and safety management mechanisms.

The committee meets monthly to discuss safety strategies, share information on potential risks, and develop initiatives aimed at reducing risks to employees.

Health and Safety Audits

We depend on both internal and external safety audits to allow for on-going evaluation of hazards and risks within our work environment.

Internal audits at Canadian Malartic have focused mostly on night shifts and assessing the risk of fatigue to our workers.

Our internal Joint Health and Safety Committees have also conducted field audits at Canadian Malartic.

Prevention Action and Targeted Training

We continued to focus on our Prevention Action Program at Canadian Malartic in 2013 in order to strengthen the health and safety culture.

Canadian Malartic’s Health and Safety Committee conducts field audits every two months.

Joint Health and Safety Committee members were also given additional training on field communications and the effective development of a health and safety action plan.

The Joint Association Mining Sector gave all on-site supervisors training on accident investigation and analysis.

Throughout the year, trainings on how to conduct effective safety meetings were offered to Supervisors.

In 2013 and 2014, “Preventive Action” training was given to all supervisors and workers.

Evaluate each of its activities in terms of the potential impacts and risks for the natural, human and social environments, with the goal of prevention and protection; Design and run its facilities using proven technologies and the most efficient processes in order to minimize the risk and impact to the environment and to the health and safety of people, while keeping in mind the concerns of the community; Implement and maintain emergency action plans to mitigate effects of unforeseen events; Inform employees about key policies, programs and procedures, and the crucial roles they must fulfil to ensure their successful implementation; Provide the necessary training and conduct periodic assessments to ensure that personnel have knowledge and skills adapted to their functions; and Implement monitoring programs and conduct periodic audits, applying any necessary corrective measures in a manner that improves the company's environmental performance and leads to the lowest accident rates.

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